What To Expect

Welcome to Ripley FBC. We are glad you dropped by to check us out online. We hope your online experience will give you a taste of who we are and why we love this place and this community. This page is a simple introduction to what you can expect during a typical church gathering depending on what day you attend. If you choose to join us on a Sunday, we will make every effort to create an enjoyable experience for you as our valued guest.
Relax And Enjoy The Service
We have made a special effort to create a no-pressure environment, so you can experience the difference of FBC.  We won’t single you out or call attention to you.  We are glad you are here.
Our goal is for Sunday mornings to simply fuel personal worship throughout the week. For that goal to be achieved, worship isn’t music alone, but also encompasses small groups, giving, and preaching. To encourage members and guests, our worship music takes on many textures and styles that relate to people of all tastes, but more importantly, we strive for music that blesses the Lord. Our music is designed to draw people closer to God, with an end result of passionate worship, dynamic teaching, joyful service, authentic relationships, and an enthusiasm about sharing the good news of Jesus.
Come As You Are
When we look in the Bible we see that nobody ever cleans up before coming to Jesus.  A person meets Jesus, and Jesus helps to straighten out the issues in one’s life.  This is why we are not concerned about how you dress at FBC.  Wear whatever makes you comfortable.
Dedicated Volunteers For Your Infants, Toddlers And Preschoolers
Our Nursery provides a warm, nurturing and well-supervised environment for your birth through pre-k child.  All our volunteers have participated in a background check and our security team is constantly walking around our facility.  You can be sure that your child is safe with us.
Children’s And Youth Worship
We have specially designed worship services for K-5 students, middle school and high school students on Wednesday nights.  We encourage students to attend Sunday mornings with their parents or to serve.
As our guest please know that  you are welcome to participate in the offering, but you are certainly not obligated to give.
We Would Love To Meet You!
If you are a guest, our pastor would like the opportunity to meet you.  He will be available to meet you at the front of the auditorium following the Sunday morning service.
Weekly Schedule
Sunday                                                                      Wednesday Night
9:15 AM  – Sunday School                                           Worship Service – 6 PM
10:30 AM – Worship                                                    The NEW Stand – 6 PM
6 PM Worship                                                             Kids Worship – 6 PM